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Luxury Bus – IBCD

» Luxury buses offer you cozy seats, ample leg space and entertainment on the go.Luxury buses offer you a road travel experience beyond a chartered plane. The luxury buses transit between many destinations in India like Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Mysore etc. They come in variants from standard to business class comfort. It is a point to point non-stop service.

You can get rejuvenated with the elite services that are provided. Some luxury buses treat you with wide range of beverages and you can indulge yourself with healthy food.

Luxury Bus – IBCD

Look & Feel

» The exterior look is of top class in these days and at first glance it grabs the attention of the people and raises an enthusiasm in them to go a ride in the luxury bus. The interior never the less has made a benchmark and stands at a guaranteed quality in it.Very good reclining back rest, leg rest with high support and adjustable arm rests are provided, which makes you enjoy the ride. Every seat is provided with a control panel for adjusting the seat movements and lights.Some luxury buses come with sleeper berths for the passengers comfort to travel very long distances. Very fine interior is designed by making use of top class material in it and the seats are the main focused part of the bus for the passengers, so it has been given high priority so that the passenger never feels strain or get frustrated with it. The power steering wheel provided for the driver gives good grip and the handling feels really good. At potholes and on bumpy roads it not at all bothers the passengers and goes on smoothly. You can adjust and recline your seat with just the click of a button and can lean onto comfortable arm and head rests. Personal light switches are provided, which can be turned on as per your need like reading at night. They provide you heartening luxury and comfort that really impresses the passengers.


» A finely tuned engine offering more performance comes with the luxury buses. It comes with optimized drive line for better fuel economy. The engine can resist more load and offers more optimized work performance and can go on to very long distances.


» It comes with an increased seating capacity for carrying more passengers. Larger luggage space is provided for the passengers to carry heavy baggage like suitcases, trolleys etc. The spacious and intricate design makes you plunge further into comfort and luxury. A very decent space is provided in between the seat’s that is quite comfortable for the passengers. Enough room is provided inside for the passengers to move around easily.


» The luxury buses come with steerable tag axle for better manoeuvrability. Some of the buses come with the automatic gear changing system. High quality tires are provided that offers more stability. The front under-run protection (FUP) and frontal impact protection (FIP) systems are designed well and offer more security. The anti-lock breaking system (ABS) is provided for the safety of the passengers. Brake system is much more efficient and easy to use and anchors the bus when applied. The front wheels are provided with the disc brakes that can instantly get bus on to the halt. Emergency windows are also provided that for the passengers so that they can get off the bus at crucial situations. Adjustable outside rear view mirrors are also provided (ORVM) are provided, which gives a very nice vision for the driver of the coming vehicles. Taking turnings at the blind curves is also comfortable as a widened area of the front glass is provided.


» It provides personal display, headphones, charger, cup holders, folding table to take care of your work and hands luggage with in arms reach. It provides the global positioning system (GPS) that can route you to the correct destination. Entertainment is provided for the passengers by television. WI-FI connectivity is provided in some buses that offer the passengers to browse the internet on the go. Individual air conditioning (AC) vents are provided for the passengers and they can turn them on or off as per their wish and can regulate the temperature inside the coach.

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