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Toyota Innova – IBCD

» Toyota Innova is manufactured by the Toyota and it is a mid-size multi-purpose vehicle (MUV) that was launched in 2004. It is given the name Innova, which means Innovation. It is a 5 door wagon and it captures the looks. This stylish Innova is made available in South Arabia, South Africa, Kuwait, UAE and in some other countries. The Toyota Innova comes with the tagline All you Desire. This Innova is much in interest of the people who prefer long travels or drives.

The Toyota Innova comes in twelve different variants in India and the trim levels are J, E, G and V. Only the V version comes with a 2.7 liter engine.The diesel variant of Innova comes with 2494 cc and the petrol variant with 1998 cc. The first generation of Innova is from 2004 to 2014; then after in 2015 the second generation has come up and it is currently in run. It comes with a good wheelbase of 2750 mm. It is a big car with a 7 seater arrangement in it.

Toyota Innova – IBCD

Look & Feel

» The seats themselves are very comfortable where you can stretch your neck and provides a very generous leg room too. The cabin quality is really good and it definitely worth the money. It comes with a dual tone combination in the inside that gives a decent look. The rear door opens very nice and wide and it is a hassle free car to get in and get off. It comes with a big glass area at the front, which gives a good view of the car and when you are cutting into the corners and taking the chop turns. Even at the high speeds it manages the bumps and pot holes and the suspensory does a good job. Even at a long run it does a really good job and you won’t find any difficulty in driving. New premium illumination LED has set up in the V and Q trim levels that add on more look to it.


» The Toyota Innova engine comes with powerful engine. It is made available with two engines. The Innova comes with a 2.5 liter diesel engine, which develops about 100 bhp of power. It provides a torque of 200 nm and it comes with a relatively ranging from 1200 rpm to 2600 rpm. The petrol one comes with a 2.0 liter engine delivering 139 metric horsepower at 5600 rpm.It gives a mileage of 13 kilometers per liter.


» Toyota Innova brings excellent boot space. With all three rows of seating being used it has 300 liters of space. With the last row folded up you get 758 liters of boot space. With both the rear rows folded up you get a maximum cargo space of 1128 liters to store anything you want. It offers a very good head and leg room that is quite comfortable.The back row is provided with a decent space for adults to get seated. You can stretch your feet and get relaxed in it.The roof rail is provided so that extra luggage can be carried on the roof of the car.


» The steering is much responsive and the grip level of the tires is also really good. The best brakes are offered and that really does help you inspire a lot of confidence even going at high speeds. All the variants come with the anti-lock breaking system (ABS), electronic break force distribution (EBD) and provide 3 air bags for the safety of the passengers. Some variants in Toyota Innova come with extra side and curtain airbags making a total of 7 airbags. Emergency brake signals are added in the Q diesel version that ensures the travellers safety. It comes with vehicle stability control (VSC) and hill assist control (HAC).


» It has got Bluetooth, climate control, glove box and a couple of trays to keep some kind of stuff. It provides ac vents at the back, which have a very strong flow air that really provides comfort on the long journey and it is the only MPV that provides the ac vents at the last row of the Indian seats also. Smart entry key with immobilizer is provided now. Facilities like smart phone connectivity, web browser, Bluetooth, GPS navigation system are provided in the instrument panel. New cabin tray, dual SRS, knee airbags, auto window and auto ac are offered in V and Q versions of Innova.

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