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Volvo Bus – IBCD

» Volvo bus is the subsidiary of the Swedish vehicle maker Volvo that is founded on 1968. It is a pioneer bus that leads the way in silent, clean and energy saving performance. The launching of the Volvo buses has set a benchmark in the bus industry. With contemporary design and style, it is an advanced transport system for the passengers.They usually come with a 40 seater and can find more seats in some buses. It is mainly meant for the tourists and for those who prefer the travelling most. They are in run in major continents like Asia, Australia, North America and in some other places. The former production facility is located in Irvine, Scotland that is closed in the year 2000.The production facility in India for the Volvo buses is set up in Bangalore.

Volvo Bus – IBCD

Look & Feel

» The external look of the Volvo is very captivating and it gives a feel to travel in it.The interior comes with a very fine material used in it and gives a luxurious travel for the passengers and is provided with stainless steel. It is designed ergonomically for the stress free operation.Usually they are provided with 2 doors to get in, while some come with 3 doors. The experience in it is so nice and feels good. A fare pay is offered so that the passengers can afford the travel. The tinted windows give a neat look and are easy to clean. It is drive-friendly for stress free and long journeys.The travellers can enjoy the ride in it as it offers much speed so that they can get to their destination in limited time period. It comes with powerful head and tail lights that give a good sight at night. They are available in a wide range of colors.


» Volvo bus comes with high efficient diesel engine that can withhold the load when going uphill or when coming down. The optimum power-to-weight ratio of the engine enables effortless drivability. The compact design helps it to carry increased payload.The engine is powerful and offers much fuel efficiency and outputs a power of 420 hp. It produces very low noise on the go. The gear shifting is so smooth and a high torque is also provided at a good rate.


» The space provided in the Volvo bus interior is really wide and nice. They offer enough room to stretch your legs. The head rests are also provided on seats for more comfort of the passengers and the seats gives the pleasure of travelling in it. Plenty of room and boot space is provided to carry off the bags, suitcases and heavy luggage.


» The Volvo comes with anti-lock breaking system (ABS) that enhances the breaking system and ensures the safety of the passengers. The brakes provided are really good that stops the bus at the moment you apply it and provides reliable operation with longer service life. The Volvo is well in control even going at high speed and it takes the turns smoothly. The front glass area is really broader and bigger that gives a good all round vision for the driver and the defogger is also provided, which is power controlled that comes very handy to clean off the glass.The driver can adjust the height and angle of the steering to his convenience. The disc brakes are provided at the front side. Emergency windows are also provided for the safety of the passengers. The electronically controlled brake system (EBS) exemplifies the safety of the passengers.


» Volvo is providing a fine stereo system in it and also has a television in it for the enjoyment of the travellers. All the basic amenities like the bottle holders, curtains, seat belts, arm rests etc., are provide in it. They come with the air conditioning (AC) vents for the travelling that regulates the temperature in it and no need to bother about the outside climate what so ever. A very nice instrument panel is provided, which has a simple and logical design with an easy to use controls and the power steering is provides a very good handling of the bus. It is also provided with power adjustable outside rear view mirrors (ORVM).

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