India By Car Plus Driver – also popularly known as the IBCD. New Delhi based India’s most loved & award-winning tours & transportation firm. IBCD a travel company Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

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Airport Meet Information

An Experienced & English speaking driver from IBCD will meet you at Arrival terminal 3 (outside exit gate no: 5) as per as your flight schedule. He will be carrying a piece of paper on which our company logo + your name + your flight details will be mentioned. (Yes, he will be there if your plane is delayed. Yes, he expects you will need to change money before you leave the arrivals hall.) He will load your luggage into a Car or Coach and off you go.

Please Note -Just after you land in India airport if somebody is trying to help to lift your luggage, please stop him because after you will outside the airport, surely he will insist you for the money(In USD). Simply tell them strictly to go, If they don’t go than you can say them that either you go or i call the police. Just outside the air-port arrival gate you will find one white colour TOYOTA QUALIS TOURIST POLICE CAR in front there will be written ˜TOURIST POLICE˜.

Pre paid taxi at Delhi airport:

In any case if you taking a local taxi at Delhi airport than always take care of these points:

A: Always take taxi from Police pre paid taxi booth.

B: Don’t allow any other extra person in the car (except driver).

C: Don’t give the taxi payment receipt (which you will get from pre paid office) to the driver before he drops you at your hotel.

D: Maybe the Pre Paid taxi driver will tell you that he dont know the address of your hotel and he will bring you to TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE. All these TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRES are private and Pre Paid taxi drivers get 40% commissions from them.

E: In this case you have to be hard and shout for police or tell them to bring you to the police station and after sure!!!! They will bring you to your hotel.

Important and Emergency Phone Numbers :

All these phone numbers are toll free. You can call at these numbers from any of the landline and mobile phone. It is free of cost. Don’t pay if somebody asks you to pay for talk on these numbers.


Single Women:

Women traveling alone should never get into a local taxi.If there is a second man accompanying the driver. Sometimes it could be dangerous.