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Tata Indigo – IBCD

» The Indian automobile company Tata Motors has manufactured the Tata Indigo car; which initially launched it in 2002 which belongs to the class of sub-compact and sedan cars. This initial release of Tata Indigo resembles mostly with the Tata Indica and hence it has been given refreshment in 2006 distinguishing it from the Indica, like double-barreled headlamps, front-fog lamps etc. In 2006 the Tata Indigo cars emerged into three base platforms: the Indigo Marina station-wagon, the Indigo XL and the Indigo CS. These are termed to be the first generation (2002-2009) in the Tata Indigo cars. However, the Indigo Marina was discontinued later on and the Indigo XL is begin given as a variant for use as a taxi, which is only being sold as a bulk to fleet operators. Having a received an engine upgrade the Indigo CS has been renamed as Indigo eCS.

The Indigo emerged slowly gaining popularity and good user response. It has a captivating and contemporary look and comes with a very good wheelbase and has a fine fuel efficient system. It gives the pleasure and comfort of driving. When Tata initially released the Tata Indigo eCS it was seen as a pioneer and it has given a phase ahead to Indigo. The Indigo cars are affordable and usually gains the users interest.

Tata Indigo – IBCD

Look & Feel

» The phase lifted eCS has given improved suspension and it holds the potholes and the bumps better. The steering is smooth and much better to handle. The fog lens has been reshaped and it is providing a 14 inch alloy wheels. The rear end has been given a clean finish and the styling is fit to suit various tastes. The interior has been designed very well designed for correct body posture and comfort. The cabin also offers decent amount of space with sufficient leg and head room. The T shaped steering wheel has given a compact steering which is better and more agile. The chrome has been used for garnishing several highlighting features of the sedan like its grill that has been racketed by style sided headlights in which turn indicators has been ingested. The gear knob vibrations provided on the steering, the seating arrangement are very finely designed and adds zest in travelling.


»The Indigo is powered by a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that produces about 70 bhp at 4000 rpm and a torque of 135 nm at 2500 rpm. The Indigo eCS is giving a mileage of 25 kilometers per liter. It accompanies you to go for a long drive. The engine has been very efficiently calibrated. The engine doesn’t get too much heat and works good and is effectively designed.


» It provides enough space for carrying the bags and the luggage for long travels. You can also easily carry whatever accessories that you need. The travellers and tourists can go with this car and easily carry their stuff in it. The boot space being offered provides a decent space that fits the users load. It is majorly designed for the comfort of the passengers and long travelling in it won’t get them much tired as it offers them enough room to get relaxed.


» The cars now come with installed anti-lock breaking system (ABS) which enhances its breaking system and ensures the safety of the passenger. You can also drive safe in uneven roads and can keep the car in the control when going fast. The breaks system also works very fine and lets the car to be on drivers hold and the tires also provide more friction that keeps the car to get a good hold onto the road.


» It provides mp3 audio system, instrument panel, air conditioner, power adjustable OVRM, leather-wrapped gear lever and a boot space of about 330 liters. It comes with auto drop down window now and it provides nice cup holders as well. The audio system gives a nice feel and provides relaxation while travelling long distances and the air conditioner regulates the temperature well and keeps the cooling. It provides the power adjustable windows which are easy to control even while driving. The GPS satellite navigation system is also being provided to guide routes sourced from MapMyIndia.

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