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Toyota Etios – IBCD

» The Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota has introduced the Toyota Etios sedan in India on 2010. It launched its initial installment in South Africa and Brazil in 2012, while Indonesia got it in the year 2013. It has given the name Etios, which came from the Greek word Ethos, which means character, spirit and ideas.

The Toyota Etios has gained more popularity when it got released as it has been offered at a cheaper rate compared to the other cars and by May 2012 it has sold about one lack pieces in India. The sedan installment has come up in December 2010, whereas the Liva hatchback came up in June 2011. Both of them grabbed the users attention and has got a good sale rate. It has a wheelbase of 2550 mm and 174 mm of ground clearance, which is just ideal for Indian roads. It is more fuel efficient and offers low maintenance cost. Its low price tag offers many people to afford this car.

Toyota Etios – IBCD

Look & Feel

» It has a minimum turning radius of 4.9 meters and power steering feature, which is ideal for riding in the traffic and go quick. The suspensions are good and it goes without strain. The front and the rear seats has got the head rests, which adds more comfort for the passengers. Both the front and rear windows are power windows that can be controlled easily. It has got a rear defogger as well, which is pretty much useful while raining. The light adjustment feature is available for the headlamps, which is very useful. The car has a very thick tire, which gives a very comfortable ride, even in the bumpy roads. The side mirrors are very stylish; it has got lights attached in it and gives a very cool look at night. It gives a very smooth drive.


» Toyota Etios has been made modifications in the engine design and it is fuel efficient. This 4+1 seater diesel engine car comes with a maximum power of 67 bhp and promises the mileage of 23 kilometers per liter with five speed gears. The Etios concept sedan comes with 1.5 liter gasoline engine and the Etios concept hatchback with a 1.2 liter gasoline engine. It provides a torque of 132 nm at 3000 to 5600 rpm. The Etios Liva TRD Sportivo has got a powerful 1.5 liter engine.The engine displacement is 1496 cc with four cylinders on it.


» The Toyota Etios has got 595 liters of boot space that is really good enough to carry bags, luggage and other goods. It is very spacious in the interior with comfortable seating with perfect inclination and comfortable cushioning, which will give you an added benefit during long drive. The driver’s seat is height adjustable and comfortable too and the leg space is comfortable enough any people from 5 feet to 6.5 foot can drive this car easily without much compromise with the comfort.Even though the front seats are leaned back, there will be no much space issues for the back seaters.


» The Toyota Etios has two air bags for the driver and the co-driver, which ensures their safety. It comes with central locking system and child safety lock system. The side indicators are plugged in the front mirrors and they are 180 degrees rotatable avoiding accidental breakage.The front wheels has got the disc brakes and the rear wheels comes with the drum brakes with ABS, which can be controlled easily providing safety to the passengers. The night drive is safe and the roads are clearly visible through the headlamps.


» The Toyota Etios comes with on board basic music system with USB input and speakers. The air conditioner is manual and also includes a teeter; it keeps the cooling and regulates the temperature well. It offers the all the basic features like the cup holders, leather wrapped gear lever, instrument panel, arm rest and the adjustable ORVM. It comes with new touch screen infotainment system that comes with features such as Bluetooth connectivity smart phone supported navigation system, voice function and gesture control. It has given a dual tone fabric seats that provides an added look to it.

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