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Toyota Fortuner – IBCD

» The Toyota Fortuner is a mid-size SUV that is manufactured by Toyota Motor Thailand. The Toyota Fortuner is also known as Toyota SW4, which is presented in the year 2005. The first generation of Fortuner is from 2005 to 2015 where it is sold in four different variants and they come with a height of 72.8 inch and width of 72.4 inch. The second generation has originated on 16 July 2015 in Thailand and Australia. They are 72.2 inch in height and 73 inch in width. It comes with a good wheelbase of 2750 mm.

The Toyota Fortuner is launched in India in 2009. The Fortuner comes with 2 engines and with 2 transmission modes. It actually comes in 6 different versions. They are the Fortuner 3.0 4A—2 MT, Fortuner 2.5 Sportivo 4A—2 MT, Fortuner 3.0 4A—2 AT, Fortuner 2.5 Sportivo 4A—2 AT, Fortuner 3.0 4A—4 MT and Fortuner 3.0 4A—4 AT.

Toyota Fortuner – IBCD

Look & Feel

» The middle seats can also be adjusted to move forward or backward. The head room is adequate and the knee room provided is also decent and comfortable. The exterior of Fortuner is well designed and looks very stylish. The Fortuner has high set seats that give a solid view of the road ahead. The suspension is very good and you feel comfortable inside when going on speed breakers, potholes, bumpy roads and on bad surfaces. It comes with a 7 seater arrangement inside and is comfortable when going on to a long ride. You have an easy push button to start or stop the engine that is very easy to access. You can regulate the temperature levels inside and can get relaxed. The interior is really good and the cushiony seats offer more comfort and gives a great support. The drive on hills and slopes is smooth. Even travelling a very long distances in it, you won’t get much strained and tired.It comes with a 5 gear system that is very smooth to change the gears and the transmission type is manual. The tiers offer very good stability and the turning radius if 5.9 meters.


» The Toyota Fortuner comes with a diesel engine that develops about 170 bhp of power at 3600 rpm and offers a maximum torque of 343 nm at 1400 rpm. It comes with a refined engine and is fuel efficient that offers good performance. It offers a mileage of about 12 kilometers per liter. It is equipped with 4 cylinders and it is turbo charge enabled.It gives a top speed of about 176 kilometers per hour and the acceleration from 0 to 100 is usually picked up in 9.6 seconds.


» The Toyota Fortuner offers a boot space of 296 liters when the back seats are not folded, which is good for carrying luggage including bags and suitcases. If you fold the back seats you can get more boot space and can carry heavy luggage. It offers a very good head and leg room that is quite comfortable.The back row is provided with a decent space for adults to get seated. You can stretch your feet and get relaxed in it.The roof rail is provided so that extra luggage can be carried on the roof of the car.


» The anti-lock breaking system (ABS) along with the electronic break force distribution (EBD) is provided for the safety of the passengers. It comes with central locking system and the windows are power adjustable. The outside rear view mirrors (ORVM) can be electrically controlled and be adjusted as per the drivers comfort even while driving. The driver and the co-driver are provided with the air bags so avoid the accidental damage. The front tiers are provided with disc brakes and stop the vehicle instantly when applied.


» The cup holders, bottle holders to hold big bottles and glove box to keep some stuff are provided. The Fortuner has navigation system, which is voice enabled and automatic climate control. The traction control is also provided, which optimizes the grip and provides stability to the car. Automatic headlamps are provided with wash function that cleans them. The AC vents at the back improves the comfort level and they can be adjusted.

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